Sidro Noso

31 מאי 2011 00:07 #1986 מאת rallisw
Sidro Noso נוצר על ידי rallisw
Why do Bnei Ashkenaz read a shorter Shlishi Aliyoh this sidro on Shabbos Mincho, Monday and Thursday mornings than Minhag Polin or Lita?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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03 יונ 2011 18:29 #1987 מאת Michael
תגובה מMichael בדיון Sidro Noso
The Divrei Kehillos (page 445) says, the reason the third Aliyoh on Mincho of Bamidbor and Shacharis of Monday and Thursday, and the first Aliyoh on Shacharis of Noso finishes at "Aharon Hacohen", is in order to separate between the order from Hashem to count, and the counting itself (which comes after that).


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