Newsletter #23 הדפסה דוא
ראשון, 21 מרץ 2010 00:00

1.New MA Siddur printed

Rabbi Hofmeister from IKG Vienna put out an MA siddur, based on the Rodelheim Siddur and Rav Hamburger's research. Moreinu Harav Gans Shlito went through all of the Siddur. It has a Haskomo from Moreinu Harav Gans, and from Rav Hamburger. See this ad. For more details - please contact ( כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת ) [ כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת ].


2. Rav Hamburger's shiurim

The following shiurim by R. Binyomin Hamburger shlito are available for download at under the heading "Shiurim on Minhag Ashkenaz"

  • Minhogim Lost and Found
  • The proper way to refer to Kristallnacht (Hebrew)
  • Bimoh in Center of Shul
  • Interview on Zev Brenner show
  • Development of Kaddish Yosoum
  • Imbalance in Contemporary Halocho
  • Spread of Minhag Ashkenaz
  • Mechiras HaMitzvos-auctioning off aliyos
  • R. Yehudo HaChosid
  • Ashkenaz and Sepharad
  • History of Minhag Ashkenaz
  • Yizkour, Kaddish, Av Horachamim
  • Founding of Bais Yaakov

Special thanks to R. Yaakov Menken and R. Mordechai Dixler of Project Genesis whose organization has been immensely helpful to the modern Ashkenaz resurgence.


3. Exhibition of Wimpels

Our shul member, Rav Yosef Prager, recently returned from a short visit to Prague where he attended the world's largest ever exhibition of Wimpels. The exhibition at Prague's Jewish Museum ran from Chanukah (כב כסלו, December 9 2009) until Purim (יד אדר, February 28 2010) this year under the Czech title "Nechť mu Bůh dá vyrůst" which means "May Hashem Let him Grow Up". To read more please click on the following link (


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