Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to contribute for one of the following dedications:

Synagogue Building $1,000,000
Main Sanctuary $360,000
Ashkenaz Heritage Museum DEDICATED
Social Hall $200,000
Ark $125,000
Beis Midrash $100,000
Scholars’ Research Library (Plaque, and name stamped in each book) $100,000
Main Doorway $100,000
Rabbi’s Study $72,000
Bimah $72,000
Bimah Dais $50,000
Door to Sanctuary DEDICATED
Foyer-Entrance Hall $50,000
Choir Chamber $50,000
Menorah $36,000
Yomim Noroim Poroches $30,000
Yom Tov Poroches $26,000
Arba Parshiyos Poroches $26,000
Shabbos Poroches $26,000
Weekday Paroches $26,000
Ner Tomid $26,000
Almemar (Lectern) $26,000
Kitchenette $20,000
Laver $18,000
Stained Glass Windows $18,000
Wimpel Closet $15,000
Elijah’s Chair $10,000
Parsha and Prayer Reminder Board $8,000
Cloak Room $8,000
Mezzuzah x 5 $5,000
Builder (Your name on silver Etz Chaim leaf) $1,800
Benefactor (Your name on silver Etz Chaim leaf) $1,000
Patron (Receives choice of gifts) $360
Chai Friend $180
Friend of KAYJ $100

Contributions will also be acknowledged in the Dedications section of this web site.