Saying the Hagodoh with "nusach"

30 Mar 2018 16:04 #2858 by MPlaut
Saying the Hagodoh with "nusach" was created by MPlaut
I happened to come across two recordings on Soundcloud that refer to saying the Hagodoh with "nusach". One is of יעקב רוטשילד and the other is of מרדכי ברויאר
if you search on for them you will find the recordings. Yaakov Rotschild says that it is based on the Maharil who says to use Stubentrop which is the niggun for learning gemora. Mordechai Breur (not sure which one it is) says that first they used to say Mah Nishtanah with the familiar Israeli melody and then they said it over in "nusach" which is the learning niggun. I think the entire Hagodoh was said with that niggun.

Can anyone confirm this?

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