These are transcripts (in Hebrew) of the shiurim of Moreh Moreinu HaRav Yehuda Gans.

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5779 Vayigash (Kibud Av Vo'em with grandparents)
5778 Dvorim (Halochos of 9 and 10 of Av when 9 B'av falls on Shabbos)
5778 Matos Masei (Are there the Halochos of "Shavuah Shechal bo" this year)
5778 Shmini, isru chag (Eating Chomeitz or Kitniyos this Shabbos, in Eretz Yisroel)
5778 Trumoh (Se'udas Purim when Purim falls on Friday)
5778 Yisro (What is the event the Jewish years are counted to)
5778 Bo (Explaining the Midrash saying the Torah was to start with Hachodesh Hazeh Lochem)
5778 Voero (How much one should drink from the Kiddush cup, and from the 4 Kossos)
5778 Miketz - Chanukah (lighting chanukah candles when one isn't home in the time of tzeis hakochavim)
5777 Nitzovim Vayelech (Eiruv Tavshilin)
5777 Ki Seitze (If one needs to make Shiluach Haken when he sees a nest)
5777 Re'eh (The mitzvoh to know if the animal is tohor for eating or not, and the new question which arose with the fish)
5777 Dvorim (The reason for the distruction of Beis Hamikdosh, and the importance of Torah)
5777 Bolok (The incident of Bolok and Bilom)
5777 Chukas (Shehecheyonu on a birth of a daughter or a grandchild)
5777 Korach (Trumos and Ma'asros nowadays)
5777 Beha'alosecho (The Menorah candle, Ma'aseh Miryom)
5777 Bamidbor (Touching the Klaf of a Seifer Torah)
5777 Behar-Bechukosai (Ono'as Devorim)
5777 Emor (Were the Ovos considered "Bnei Yisro'el" before Matan Torah)
5777 Acharei-Kedoshim (Kiddush/Havdoloh or Sefiras Ha'omer - what comes first)
5777 Vayakhel-Pekudei (Bedikas Chometz when done by a Shaliach)
5777 Ki Tiso (Pidyon Haben after first born is already an adult)
5777 Bo (Joining different types of food for Brocho Achronoh)
5777 Voero (Birkas Me'ein Sholosh when one ate also fruits from Eretz Yisroel)
5777 Shmos (Can one add to the Shabbos candles)
5777 Vayechi (Petiroh of Tzadikim, and the first day of Aveilus)
5777 Vayishlach Vayeshev (Ribis and Heter Isko in a savings plan and in funds)
5777 Vayetze (The virtue of Yakov Ovinu and "Midas Ho'emes"; Hashovas Aveidoh)
5776 Nitzovim (Saying Selichos)
5776 Ki Setze (The Mitzvoh of "Noki Yihyeh Lebeiso Vesimach")
5776 Re'eh Shoftim (The Mitzvoh of 100 Brochos)
5776 Voeschanon Eikev (The size of "Kezayis")
5776 Masei (Halochos of Tisha B'av which falls on Motzoei Shabbos, and Halochos of a postponed fast)
5776 Matos (Nedorim and Shvu'os)
5776 Pinchos (The virtue of peace)
5776 Shlach, agodoh section (The Nesochim)
5776 Behalosecho (Brochos which were composed after the time of the Talmud)
5776 Bechukosai (Kiddush Bemokom Seudoh)
5776 Behar (Trumos and Ma'asros from fruits that grew after the Shmita before 15 Shvat)
5776 Emor (Tuma'as Kohanim)
5776 Kedoshim (The Mitzvoh of Kedoshim Tehyu, and if there is an Isur in permanent makeup)
5776 Metzora - Hagodol (4 Kosos from Shmita wine)
5776 Shmini (Hiding crumbs in Bedikas Chometz, and the reson the Borcho is 'Al Biur Chometz')
5776 Vayikro (Purim on Erev Shabbos, and Agadeto for Parshas Zochor)
5776 Pekudei (Are women obligated to Daven Musaf)
5776 Tetsaveh (The Din to check the Mezuzos, and the Minhag to check them in a leap year)
5776 Trumoh (The Mitzoh of "Mishenichnas Addor Marbin Besimcho", and if it applies to the first Addor)
5776 Yisro (Kibud Av Vo'em)
5776 Bo (The importance of Rosh Chodesh)
5776 Vayechi and Smos (Hilchos Yichud)
5776 Vayigash (Head cover for women)
5776 Miketz - Chanukoh (The Brocho of Shecheyonu on Chanukoh, and if women are obliged to say Halel on Chanukoh)
5776 Vayeishev (Guarding the eyes - Shemiras Ho'einayim)
5776 Vayetze (Ma'aser Kesofim and Chomesh)
5776 Toldos (If someone forgets Ya'aleh Veyovo on Mincho of Rosh Chodesh, and remebers on Friday night)
5776 Chayei Soroh (The Mitzvoh of Hesped, and if a person can ask people not to mourn him)
5776 Vayero (The Akeido, and if Hogor and Yishmo'el were considered slaves of Avrohom)
5776 Lech Lecho (Mitzvas Piryoh Verivyo)
5776 Noach (Our duty at these days of Tzoroh)
5776 Vayelech (Arba'as Haminim in the Shmita)
5775 Ki Setze (Shmitas Ksofim and Pruzbul)
5775 Shoftim (Trumos Uma'asros at these days)
5775 Ekev (The Halochos and Nusach of Tefillas haderech)
5775 Dvorim (The reasons for the distruction of the temples, Aveilus Betzin'o on Shabbos 9th B'av, and about the fast on 10th B'av)
5775 Matos Mas'ei (Hilchos Tisho B'av when it falls on Sunday, and Havdolo on Tisah B'av)
5775 Pinchos (The Aliyos within Krias Hatorah at Rosh Chodesh)
5775 Bolok (17th of Tamuz and Tisho B'ov that fall on Shabbos)
5775 Chukas (Poroh Adumoh, and returning a pot to the hot plate when it was taken off by someone else)
5775 Shlach (Wearing Tzitzis without Kavono)
5775 Behalosecho (Remembering Ma'aseh Miryom, and the source for Isur Loshon Horo)
5775 Nosso (Birkas Kohanim)
5775 Shovuos (The difference between Oneg and happiness on Shabbos and Yom Tov, and the reason Ben Chutz Lo'oretz keeps 2nd day Yom Tov in Eretz Yisroel)
5775 Bechukosai (The importance of the Shmita, and the connection to Parshas Hatocheicho)
5775 Behar (Different points about Shmita)
5775 Emor (Melochos on Yom Tov, and Yom Tov candle lighting)
5775 Acharei Mos Kedoshim (Is "Seudas Zochor/Sholom Zochor a Se'udas Mitzvoh)
5775 Tazria Metzoroh (Ben Chul who comes to Israel at these weeks, what should he do with Kri'as Hatorah)
5775 Shmini, isru chag (Eating Chomeitz or Kitniyos this Shabbos, in Eretz Yisroel)
5775 Tzav, Shabbos Hagodol (The Halochos of Muktzeh when YOT falls on Shabbos, and Hilchos Leil Haseider at Shabbos)
5775 Vayakhel Pekudei (Bdikas Chometz)
5775 Trumoh (Are the four Parshiyos Chovas Hatzibur or Chovas Hayochid)
5775 Yisro (Chayei Sho'oh vs. Chayei Olom)
5775 Bo (Kiddush Hachodesh nowadays)
5775 Vo'ero (Kiddush Hashem when one is not obligated)
5775 Shmos (The Halochos of Snow on Shabbos)
5775 Vayechi (The Monarchy of Yehudah and the Monarchy of Israel)
5775 Vayigash (Shacharis as Vasikin)
5775 Vayeshev (Insulting a Friend)
5775 Vayishlach (The Battle between Yakov and the Eisov's Angel, and Gid Hanoshe)
5775 Toldos (The Importance of Coming on Time to the Tefillos, and Kibud Av Vo'em)
5775 Lech Lecho (Bris on Shabbos when the Parents Aren't Shomrei Shabbos)
5774 Nitzovim-Vayeilech (Eiruve Tavshilin)
5774 Ki Sovo (Can Geirim be Shlichei Tzibbur)
5774 Ki Seitzei ("Lo Yilbash" in a Play etc.)
5774 Re'eh (Shmitas Kesofim)
5774 Voeschanan (Bal Tosif and Bal Tigra)
5774 Matos (Hatoras Nedorim)
5774 Pinchos (Davening in Times of War and Trouble)
5774 Bolok (Krias Shema al haMitoh)
5774 Chukas (Kedushoh of the Two Days of Rosh Chodesh)
5774 Korach (Terumos and Ma'asros Separated by Shaliach)
5774 Shlach (Hafroshas Challoh)
5774 Nosso (Birkos haShachar When One Doesn't Sleep at Night)
5774 Bamidbor (Peiros Nochrim during Shemittah, Part 3)
5774 Bechukosai (Peiros Nochrim during Shemittah, Part 2)
5774 Behar (Peiros Nochrim during Shemittah, Part 1)
5774 Emor (Tum'as Kohanim and Kovod haBriyos)
5774 Droshas Shabbos Hagodol (Seder Night)
5774 Tazria, HaChodesh (Not Eating Matzah on Erev Pesach and Earlier; Eating Matzah That Was Not Baked Lishma)
5774 Shmini (Learning the Halachos of Pesach Thirty Days before Pesach)
5774 Tzav (Reason for Mishlo'ach Manos; Mishlo'ach Manos on Shushan Purim from a Mukaf to a Poruz)
5774 Vayikro (Early Ta'anis Esther)
5774 Pekudei (Nosen Ta'am Lifgam in Bosor Becholov)
5774 Ki Siso (Dovor She'eino Miskaven in Cooking of Bosor Becholov)
5774 Tetzaveh (Urim vTumim)
5774 Terumoh (Hafroshas Ma'asros from Citrus Fruits Picked after Tu bShevat)
5774 Mishpotim (Why Parshas Mishpotim Comes after Aseres Hadibros, and in the Middle of the Description of Ma'amad Har Sinai; Geirus and Acceptance of Mitzvos)
5774 Yisro (Mitzvoh to Remember Shabbos and Matan Toroh; Mitzvas Kiddush)
5774 Beshalach (Lechem Mishneh and the Mann)
5774 Voero (Hatoras Nedorim in Front of the Person Regarding Whom the Neder Had Been Made)
5774 Shmos (ShOVVIM; Hatoras Nedorim)
5774 Vayechi (Fast of 10th of Teves on Shabbos)
5774 Vayigash (Importance of Interpersonal Interactions; Leftover Oil from Chanukoh)
5774 Mikeitz, Chanukoh (Lighting of Chanukoh Lights)
5774 Vayeishev (Significance of Dreams)
5774 Vayeitzei (Bar Mitzvoh or Yahrzeit Scheduled for 30th of Chesvon in a Year with Only One Day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, and vice versa)
5774 Toldos (Birkas haMazon for Seudoh Shlishis Erev Rosh Chodesh)
5774 Chayei Soroh (Tefillas Minchoh)
5774 Vayero (Mitzvas Tefilloh, and the Chiyuv of Women in Tefilloh)
5774 Lech Lecho (Why Avrohom Ovinu Didn't Do Mitzvas Milah before Age 99)
5774 Bereishis (Direction of Hagbohas Sefer Torah)
5773 Nitzovim-Vayeilech (Eruv Tavshilin)
5773 Ki Sovo (Hatoras Nedarim Erev Rosh haShonoh)
5773 Ki Seitzei (The Right of the Bechor in the Yerusho)
5773 Shoftim (Yishuv Eretz Yisroel)
5773 Eikev (Mitzvas Mezuzah Part 2)
5773 Voeschanan (Mitzvas Mezuzah Part 1)
5773 Pinchos (A Few Halachic Issues Regarding Yerusho)
5773 Bolok (The Importance of Botei Knesiyos and Botei Midroshos)
5773 Chukas (Tuma'as Mes for Kohanim)
5773 Korach (Mitzvas Bikur Cholim)
5773 Shlach (Mitzvas Tzitzis)
5773 Behalosecho (The Lighting of the Menoroh, and the Light Coming from the Oron)
5773 Nosso (Birkas Kohanim)
5773 Shovuos (The Reason the Toroh Doesn't Mention that Shovu'os is the Day of Matan Toroh, and Other Matters)
5773 Behar-Bechokosai (Maaser Beheima)
5772 Droshas Shabbos Hagodol (Pesach Seder on Shabbos; Eating Chometz or Kitniyos on Shabbos Isru Chag Pesach)
5772 Vayikro (Whether Hashgacha in Needed on Non-food Items for Pesach)
5772 Vayakhel-Pekudei (Crumbs of Chometz in Bedikas Chometz)
5772 The Title Chover
5772 Tetzaveh (Purim on Erev Shabbos)
5772 Terumoh (Piyutim (Yotzros) of Shabbos Hafsoko and in General)
5772 Mishpotim, Shekolim (The Reason the Shekolim Were Given, and if Korbonos Tzibur Were Also for Those Who Didn't Give Shekolim)
5772 Yisro (Visiting an Admission-charging Facility on Shabbos and Paying after Shabbos)
5772 Bo (Size of Perutah According to Minhag Ashkenaz)
5772 Vayechi; Shemos; Voero
5772 Vayigash
5772 Mikeitz, Chanukoh
5771 Devorim, Chazon; Voeschanan, Nachamu
5771 Shmini; Tazria; Metzoro (Shmuro Matzo, and machine Matzos)
5771 Lech Lecho
5770 Pinchos
5770 Shlach
5770 Trumoh (Sheva Brochos)
5770 Vayigash
5770 Mikeitz (Chanukoh Candles)
5770 Vayishlach
5770 Toldos (Birkas Eirusin)
5770 Vayero (Bris Miloh)
5770 Lech Lecho (Bris Miloh)
5770 No'ach (Mitzvas Piryoh Urivyoh)
5769 Nitzovim-Vayelech (Selichos and Rosh Hashono)
5769 Shoftim (Hilchos Brochos)
5769 Bamidbor (Eiruv Tavshilin)
5769 Vayakhel-Pekudei; Vayikro (Birkas Hachamo)
5769 Beshalach (Mitzvas Tefilloh and Eating before Tefilloh and Kiddush)
5769 Miketz (Chanukoh)
5769 Toldos (Eiruv)
5769 Noach (Shnayim Mikro Ve'echod Targum)
5768 Ki Seitze (Bal Tousif)
5768 Re'eh (Shmitas Ksofim)
5768 Chazoun Part 2 (Havdoloh on Tisho B'ov)
5768 Chazoun Part 1 (Halochos of Tisho B'ov)
5768 17th of Tamuz (If the Halochos of Bein Hametzorim start from the Night of the Fast)
5768 Pinchos
5768 Bolok (Kri'as Shma, and Shma Al Hamitoh)
5768 Shlach (Hafroshas Challoh from Kuggel)
5768 Behalousecho (Lighting Shabbos Candles)
5768 Nosou Part 2 (Schwartz Shabbos: Av Horachamim)
5768 Nosou Part 1 (Tha Halocho that one should Accept Shabbos Before the Night)
5768 Bamidbor (Time of Kri'as Shma)
5768 Minhogim of the Seffiroh Days
5768 7th Day of Pesach (Halel on 7 Days of Pesach)
5768 Acharei (Eating Afikoumon after Chatzous)
5768 Droshas Shabbos Hagodol Part 4 (The special Halochos for Pesach which falls on a Sunday - the Halochos on Shabbos)
5768 Droshas Shabbos Hagodol Part 3 (The special Halochos for Pesach which falls on a Sunday - the Halochos on Friday)
5768 Droshas Shabbos Hagodol Parts 1 and 2 (Ta'anis Bechoros, and Bedikas Chometz)
5768 Tazria, HaChodesh (The reason we read Poroh and Hachodesh, and Bdikas Chometz for crumbs)
5768 Shmini
5768 Tsav, Purim
5768 Vayikro
5768 Pekudei
5768 Vayakhel
5768 Tetzaveh
5768 Terumoh
5768 Mishpotim
5768 Yisro
5768 Beshalach
5768 Bo (Using Non-Jewish Months)
5768 Vayishlach (Birthdays in Judaism, Kedusho of the Shul)