09 May 2017 18:18 #2805 by Baruch Schwartz
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The siddur תפילת ישורון helpfully notes that certain portions of the morning seder korbanot that appears in most siddurim were not said in Ashkenaz, and these are printed in smaller type. Among the sections in smaller type is the verse ושחט אתו, which comes right after צו את בני ישראל etc. This verse is also printed in the same paragraph with the introduction to the ketoret section (אתה הוא אלהינו שהקטירו etc). In Avodat Yisrael, however, ושחט is in large print, in a paragraph of its own, before the ketoret section, and the latter is preceded by the instruction יש מוסיפים כאן etc.
Am I right to conclude that the pasuk in question, ושחט etc., is indeed part of the Ashkenaz version of the korbanot, and that it has inadvertently been separated from its true location in תפילת ישורון? Or was this pasuk really not said?

Baruch J. Schwartz
Efrat, Israel

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09 May 2017 20:43 #2806 by NMuhlgay
Replied by NMuhlgay on topic Korbanot
Some siddurim printed for Jekkisch audiences maintain it in smaller type, others in the same font as the remainder of korbonaus, and others completely omit it. ושחט is a late addition in any case (as is most of קרבנות barring the תמיד, the מוספים לשבת ור"ח, and זבחים ה׳) so many did not say it. The siddur I'm working on omits it, following notes in R' Rallis Wiesenthal's Tefiloh Sefas Yisroel and my grandfather's Rödelheim.

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