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(All perek:posuk references below are to Melochim 1.)

The haftoro typically printed "for Ashkenazim" in the chumoshim is "vatishlam kol hamelocho" (7:51 - 8:21). This was presumably the original Ashkenazi custom, as it is brought by the Rokeach (from Worms) in "Rimzei Haftoros," and by R' Yaakov Chazon (from pre-expulsion London) in Eitz Chayim. The Levush lists it this way as well.

However, there are some Ashkenzai communities that follow the custom of the Mararash mi-Neustadt (Minhagei Mararash 147), also quoted by the Maharil (Teives-Shvot-Ador 6) and the Eliyo Rabbo (685), and read starting from "vaya'as Chirom" (7:40 - 8:1), since given the choice between including the section preceding "vatishlam kol hamelocho" or the section following it, it is preferable to include the former, which would otherwise not be read that year, rather than the latter, which was already read on the second day of Sukkos. In a year when there was a second Shabbos Chanuko, and "vaya'as Chirom" *was* already read as well, these communities "revert back" to the custom of reading "vatishlam kol hamelocho" (7:51 - 8:21). If I understand correctly, this was the minhag FFdM.

In Eretz Yisroel, the point about "vatishlam kol hamelocho" (7:51 - 8:21) having been already read on the second day of Sukkos is not applicable. Indeed, the luach published by Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz for this year states that while kehilos in chu"l should read "vaya'as Chirom" (7:40 - 8:1), those in Eretz Yisroel should read "vatishlam kol hamelocho" (7:51 - 8:21).

--- Until here was the background. Now, the question: ---

Rav Tukachinsky's "Luach l'Eretz Yisroel" says that the geonei Yerushalayim (I believe he's referring to the early rabbonim of the Prushi community, e.g. R' Shmuel Salant) instituted that both sections (all the way from 7:41 through 8:21) should be read in Eretz Yisroel, where the second section had not already been read on Sukkos. This enactment could make sense if the "starting point" were like the minhag FFdM. But if we're talking about a community whose custom in chu"l had been to read "vatishlam kol hamelocho" (7:51 - 8:21) despite its already having been read on Sukkos, there would be no logic to adding on "vaya'as Chirom" because of a move to Eretz Yisroel.

The Ashkenazim of the yishuv hayashan in Yerushalayim came almost entirely from eastern Europe. Were there communities elsewhere in Europe, besides Frankfurt -- particularly in Eastern Europe -- that also read "vaya'as Chirom" as the haftoro for Pekudei (when there was no second Shabbos Chanuko)? I would imagine that perhaps this was the case in Prague, in light of the Eliyo Rabbo, but do we know of it being the case elsewhere? Are there "minhag Polin" shuls in chu"l that will be reading "vaya'as Chirom" this year?

-- David

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