Tikkun Saufrim

19 Jan 2016 06:29 #2702 by NMuhlgay
Tikkun Saufrim was created by NMuhlgay
Is there a tikkun which is available for writing a Tauroh according to our mesauroh?

Are any commercially available tikkunim correct (I practice lehning in a Tikkun Simanim, although I don't know how it lines up against our seforim)

כל טוב.

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17 Apr 2016 09:08 #2717 by AWolf
Replied by AWolf on topic Tikkun Saufrim
I was about to post a similar question.

I've noticed that several Nusach "Rodelheim" siddurim (including the S'fAs Emes, Avodat Yisrael, but ironically not the Rodelheim Machzorim) have a chataph patach in place of a sheva-na in certain places. I have a Tanach that follows these rules, but it's over 100 years old. I'd also like a new, clearly printed Tanach (or Tikkun) that follows our mesorah.

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18 Apr 2016 00:32 #2718 by NMuhlgay
Replied by NMuhlgay on topic Tikkun Saufrim
The Koren Tana"ch (Koren Yerushalayim, 1962) follows R' Wolf Heidenheim, at least in Chumash.

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