Hamokoum yinachem(chem)

21 Aug 2012 10:27 - 28 Aug 2012 08:29 #2173 by adler
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What is the correct nusach of Hamokoum yinachem - that which appears in Kabolas Shabbos in the Roedelheim (yenachemchem), that which appears in Tziduk Hadin (yenacheim ouscho), or both, in their respective contexts?

What is the source of this nusach in the first place?

Should one use the plural form when addressing a single aveil?

What is the reason for the different placements of Hamokoum in Kabolas Shabbos (before or after Boi vesholoum)?

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24 Oct 2012 14:30 #2201 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Hamokoum yinachem(chem)
There are differnet Nuscho'os, some say Hamokom Yenachem Eschem and some say in one word Hamokom Yenachemchem. In Baer the Nusach is in single, but this is his Chidush - in the Rishonim the Nusach is plural.
Some explain that the Nusach is plural even if talking to a single Ovel because one is addressing the Neshomo of the Niftar also.
Regarding Kabbolas Shabbos - the Michum Aveilim can be done before Boi Besholom or after, there is no עיכוב in this.

Michael FRBSH

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26 Oct 2012 22:11 #2203 by adler
Replied by adler on topic Hamokoum yinachem(chem)
Does Rabby Hamburger know the source of the nusach?

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