Pronunciation Differences Between Komatz & Patach

05 Aug 2011 22:20 #2022 by rallisw
In או"ח הלכות תפילין ס' ז the ש"ע notes a difference a פתח and קמץ. How come the Sephardic pronunciation has changed over the centuries, whereas the Ashkenazic pronunciation, at least of these two vowels, has stayed true?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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16 Sep 2011 19:21 #2035 by Michael
That is definitely a major issue with the Sephardic pronunciation. R' Yaakov Emden was very much opposed to the Sephardic pronunciation for this reason, and he even said "Boruch Shelo Aso'ani Sepharadi Benivi (in my pronunciation)". See עמודי שמים, אלטונא תק"ה, דף ד.

Some Tunisian Medakdekim claim there is a difference in the Sephardic pronunciation between the Patach and Kamatz.
But that is something that is very hard to hear or be sure it exists, and really should be discussed in a Minhag Sepharad forum and not in a Minhag Ashkenaz forum.

Michael FRBSH

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