Yigdal before Shacharis

20 Jul 2011 01:56 #2008 by Daniel
Yigdal before Shacharis was created by Daniel
Is it wrong to recite Yigdal in the morning before davening? (It's not in the siddur and, presumably, is not the Miinhag).


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22 Jul 2011 17:37 #2013 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Yigdal before Shacharis
It actually does appear in the Rodelheim, but it isn't part of Nusach Ashkenaz.

There is no problem to say Yigdal or any song of Shevach before Davening, (it isn't said in a way of learning - Derech Limud, so there is no problem saying it before Bircos Hatorah).
[There were problems with other Kabbalistic techinos written in the recent generations, for different reasons].

Michael FRBSH

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