Aliyous Chanukoh

06 Jun 2011 01:32 #1990 by rallisw
Aliyous Chanukoh was created by rallisw
What is the reason that in Ashkenaz, the first parsho from Sidra Ba-alousesho is not added to the leinen of the last day of Chanukah?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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17 Jun 2011 14:47 #1997 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Aliyous Chanukoh
The Minhag to say the beginning of Beha'alosecho (on the last day of Channuka, called in Ashkenaz "Channukas Hamizbe'ach), is brought as Minhag Ostreich and Minhag Polin, and wasn't Minhag Ashkenaz.

Michael FRBSH

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