reciting thirteen middos of rachamim privately with teamim

03 Jan 2011 04:00 #1870 by rallisw
May one recite סליחות according to מנהג אשכנז, privately and recite the י"ג מדות with טעמים?

If one attends a synagogue which does not recite the י"ג מדות on שבת יום כפור according to their מנהג, may one say them to oneself with טעמים?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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09 Jan 2011 04:14 #1880 by Michael
Slichos should be said with the Tzibbur, (therefore if the debate is if to say with the Tzibbur Polish Slichos, or to say at home Ashkenaz Slichos, one should say with the Tzibbur). If one davens within a Tzibbur that says different Slichos, he could still say the Ashkenaz Slichos, and say with the Tzibbur the 13 Midos. In case the Tzibbur doesn't say 13 midos, one can say them with Ta'amim.

Michael FRBSH

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