Hoshanos on Sukkos - placement in tefilloh

27 Sep 2010 04:35 #1823 by rallisw
According to the Roedelheim Machzor, Houshanous are recited after Musaf all through Succous. Where did the minhog start to recite it immediately after Hallel? Someone told me it is Minhag Sfard. Could it also be, so that one not need take up the Lulov and Esroug another time during tefilloh?

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03 Dec 2010 17:42 #1847 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Hoshanos on Sukkos - placement in tefilloh
The Sephardim say Hoshanos after Hallel. The source we can find for this is Rav Seadyoh Gaon, who gives the explanation that since one has already the Lulov and Esrog in his hands, he should go on and say the Hoshanos.
Nevertheless, most of the Sephardim said the Hoshanos after Musaf, until about 200 years ago, when many started saying it after Hallel, influenced by the book Chemdas Hayomim.
The Chassidim followed the Sephardic Minhag.

Minhag Ashkenaz insisted on saying the Hoshanos after Musaf, according to the Tur who says that since the Hakofos are Zeicher Lamikdosh, and in the Mikdosh the Hakofos were after Korbon Musof, therefore we should also do them after Musaf.

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