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28 May 2008 03:37 #353 by rallisw
Mapik Hay was created by rallisw
Is there a difference between a hay stam and a mapik hay?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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03 Jun 2008 00:41 #362 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Mapik Hay
I asked R' Moshe Yehudah Rosenwasser, a Ba'al Koreh in KAYJ and Monsey (who is a medakdek and ba'al nusach), and he answered that the ba'alei kri'ah never distinguished between a regular Hei and mapik Hei, but he said he had no idea why.


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13 Aug 2009 00:44 #1289 by MPerlman
Replied by MPerlman on topic Mapik Hay
R' Hamburger once told me that in general the pronunciation in Germany fell short of the dikduk that would normally be expected of yekkes because of the influence of Eastern European m'lamdim who infiltrated Ashkenaz and mucked things up somewhat. It would appear that they infiltrated Frankfurt the most because R' Yisroel Strauss told me that they were especially deficient in dikduk Halashon in Frankfurt.
All this does not mean that it has become MA to be delinquent in this regard, and R' Hamburger feels that among everything else, it is high time we were מחזיר עטרה ליושנה in this issue.


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03 Oct 2010 01:43 #1825 by
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The implication seems to be that one should distinguish mapik hey.
To what extent is the distinguishing of the following a matter of proper dikduk as opposed to a matter of minhag?

1. Dagesh'd letters
2. Shva na vs nach
3. Aleph vs ayin
4. Chet vs chaf


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