Adding a mizmor between minchoh and maŋariv

10 Sep 2019 04:57 #2887 by NMuhlgay
When I was in France over the summer, I orened at Ohel Avraham, the old Ashkenazi schul in the 16e Arrondissement in Paris.

While many of their minhogim and nuschaos are definitely Jekkisch, they have introduced certain highly-visible changes, such as group kaddish and ויאמר דוד אל גד, especially as the latter is in Sidour Cha'areh Tefilla (the standard French siddur).

On weekdays, they do not recite עלינו by minchoh, but instead recite a mizmor (usually למנצח בנגנות, due to it being printed directly before ברכו) so as to have a קדיש יתום by minchoh. Is this acceptable in Minhog Ashkenaz ? My only comparison is Breuer's, where they are saumech קדיש תתקבל to והוא רחום דערבית without a mizmor or kaddish.

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