jetztz vil vershlufen geihn

05 Aug 2018 18:35 #2868 by Goldmeier
jetztz vil vershlufen geihn was created by Goldmeier
In my family we grew up with my father, and his father before him,
saying a poem of sorts to us before shema at night when going to bed.
The poem is in German and is about going to bed with 16 angels around
us , and what each pair of angels is tasked to do.
To us this poem is known as "yetzt". I do not know if this poem is
something that someone in our family made up a few generations ago or
if it was a widespread German Yekke thing to say. I would like to find
more background about it, and also get more accurate wording and

As I know it, it goes something like this (and pardon the spelling):
yetzt vil ver shlufen gein, sesei malachim soler mit mer gein.
tzvei tzu kuf, un tzvei tzu fus
tzvei tzu reshin, tzvei tzu linkon
tzvei zu mishveken, tzvei tzu misdeken
tzvei tzu misbeisin un tzvei mitzu tzei tzu torah veisem

so, was this something widespread and common among Yekkes or is just something unique to our family? The few I have asked in person are unfamiliar with it. Does anyone here know anything more about this?

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