When to defer to Minhag Hamakom

22 May 2015 02:48 - 26 Jun 2015 17:57 #2571 by NMuhlgay
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I just had along discussion with my sofer which has left me with more questions than answers. The most nagging question was philosophically entwined with the form of the Ashkenazi tzadi. He mentioned that in his experience, one should follow the larger minhag hamakom (B"Y tzadi), even where it disagrees with the minhag of one's ancestors (Jeckisch tzadi).

What was the opinion of the post-war Ashkenaz rabbanim, such as R' Breuer, R' Schwab (both זצ”ל) and R' Ehrentreu שליט”א, on when one should follow the großgemeinde (in R' Hirsch's terms) vs. when one should be particular about the ancient minhagim of Ashkenaz?

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29 Jun 2015 00:16 #2586 by Michael
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Although in EY most people do Ksav Ari or Ksav Beis Yosef, Rav Hamburger made his Tefillin with צדיק הפוכה, and when Rav Wosner Ztuk"l saw his Tefillin he was very excited and told Rav Hamburger that this is the way he has the writing in his Tefillin, and he recomnends to his Talmidim to do the same.
This was the Minhag in Ashkenaz until the holocaust.

Michael FRSBH

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