Clothing on Rosh Hashana

15 Aug 2014 09:24 #2423 by Melech
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The Taz, and the Mishna Berurah after him, hold that even when not wearing white on Rosh Hashana, one should not wear the extra fancy clothing worn during the shalosh regalim. The Mateh Efraim brings this down, but then mentions that some have the minhag to wear those clothes on Rosh Hashana? What is the Minhag Ashkenaz during Rosh Hashna night and at Mincha? Should extra fancy Yom Tov clothing be worn, or would Shabbos clothes be more appropriate?


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17 Aug 2014 23:44 #2426 by Michael
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In the daytime the Minhag is to wear the white Sargenes and a white kaepchen, and also women wear white clothes. At night Rav Hamburger told me there isn't too much data, the only data he found was in Minhogei Ladenburg, there it is brought that men came with the cylinder hat and a white tie.

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