Congratulation after Aliyah

18 May 2014 23:51 #2386 by YbAa
Congratulation after Aliyah was created by YbAa
After reading of the Torah what is MA for congratulation whom was making Aliyah? "Shekoyach" or "Chazak-uvarukh" as in Eastern communities? Now after finishing the part of the Torah all congregation is said "Chazak Chazak veNitchazek" but I heard foremely after every Aliyah all Minyan said to the person "Chazak!" aloud...

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19 May 2014 03:06 #2387 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Congratulation after Aliyah
After an Aliyoh the person gets Yishar Ko'ach or Yeyasher Kochacho.
When the Seifer is finished everyone in shul (except for the Oleh and the Ba'al Koreh) say Chazak Venischazak, and after that the Ba'al Koreh says Chazak Venischazak (the Oleh doesn't say it at all because of Hefsek).


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