Haftorah on Yartzheit?

12 Dec 2013 04:03 #2332 by DDelaney
Haftorah on Yartzheit? was created by DDelaney
According to Minhag Ashkenaz, does one either receive the maftir aliyah and/or read the haftorah on the Shabbos before a yartzheit.
If so, what is the procedure if the yartzheit falls on Shabbos?
Read the haftorah that Shabbos? The Shabbos before? Or both?

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17 Jan 2014 20:36 #2345 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Haftorah on Yartzheit?
According to Minhag Ashkenaz there is nothing done especially on the Shabbos before the Yahrzeit.
If the Yahrzeit falls on Shabbos, Lechatchiloh one tries to get an Aliyoh from the 7 Olim and not Maftir, unless it is a Koton who has a Yahrzeit R'L, who can only get Maftir. (The Remo brings the Maharil that one should be Oleh to Maftir on the day of the Yahrzeit, but the Maharil taks about a Kotton only, and Bepastus that is what the Remo means too).

Michael FRBSH

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