R' Shlomo Tzvi Schick of Karcag: were his minhogim Ashkenaz?

02 Sep 2011 01:11 #2026 by JSlater
R' Shlomo Tzvi Schick (Rashban, author of Siddur Rashban, Takanos uTefilos, Siddur haMinhogim and other works) was the chief rabbi of Karcag, where he succeeded R' Marcus (Mordechai) Amram Hirsch who later served in Prague and Hamburg. My father AH lived near Karcag and R' Schick's son was the rabbi of his kehillo.

I'm interested in knowing whether the customs of the kehillo (which I presume would have reflected his practice) were purely Ashkenazi, or if they were influenced by customs from eastern Hungary and Poland.


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16 Sep 2011 17:49 #2031 by Michael
Generally the Polish and Chassidic influence was only in the East of Hungary, and even that influence came very late - at the 20th century.
The Hungarian Minhogim were based on Minhogei Ostreich, which are the Minhogim practiced in North Germany - Berlin and Breslau. The book the Minhogim are based on is "Minhogei Rav Isaac Tirna".
The Yekkish Minhogim of today are much closer to the Minhogim in Karcag than the Lithuanian or Polish Minhogim of today.

Michael FRBSH

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