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01 Apr 2011 03:22 #1948 by GBaum
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Whose Halachic times for Shema do we follow the Magen Avraham or the G'ra?


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08 Apr 2011 19:15 - 25 Oct 2013 15:35 #1951 by Michael
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For the times of Krias Shma the Minhag was to follow the Gr'o time.
But on the other hand, Mincho was Davened after the Shekia Lechatchilo (which would be accpeted by the Mogen Avrohom and not by the Gr'o). The reason for this is because the time of Mincho is Derabonon (and it would be considered a Sofek Derabonon Lekulo). See more on the topic here .

Michael FRBSH

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