Removing Zeroa and Beitso

31 Mar 2011 19:08 #1946 by meirk
Removing Zeroa and Beitso was created by meirk
In my father´s and grandfather´s home, the minhog is to remove the zroa and beitso from the keoro before ma nishtano. Does anyone know what is the mokor to this minhog? I can't find this. All sforim say that we remove the whole keoro from the table or put the keoro in the other side of the table.



Meir Koschland

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01 Apr 2011 03:20 #1947 by ynathan
Replied by ynathan on topic Removing Zeroa and Beitso
My father Ob"m would take the Zeroa & Beitzoh off before ho Lachmoh Anyo, & remove the Keoro prior to Mah Nishtanoh. The reason for the removal of the Zeroah & Beitzoh - which represent the Korban Pesach & Korban Chagigoh - is so that people won't mistake the Zeroah & Beitzoh as korbonos.

Bauen sie gut

Yehuda Nathan

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08 Apr 2011 19:09 #1950 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Removing Zeroa and Beitso
The Ra'avan says that before Ho Lachmo Anyo one should take out the Zeroa from the Seider plate. (But in the Rosh we see that one picked up the full Seider plate at Ho Lachmo Anyo, without taking anything away).
We find also in Hagodo manuscripts that one takes out the "Tavshilim' (Zeroa and Beitzo) from the Seider plate before Ho Lachmo Anyo.
We find the same in the Minhogim written in Yiddish (from the year ש"נ), which says that one takes out the Zeroa and Beitzi before Ho Lachmo Anyo, and gives the reason brought above (by Yehudah Nathan, that this is so it won't look as if we are eating Kodoshim outside of Yerusholayim), and then one holds the Seider plate and says Ho Lachmo Anyo. After that the Seider plate is put down, the second cup is poured, and the Seider plate is taken away so the children will ask (and then comes Mah Nishtano). [This is also the Minhag brought in "הגדת בני אשכנז", which is being prepared for print].

Michael FRBSH

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