Hadlokas Nerous Yom tov

27 Mar 2011 14:01 #1945 by meirk
Hadlokas Nerous Yom tov was created by meirk
What is the custom in hadlokas nerous yom tov? Is the brocho said before we light the candle, or do we say the brocho after lighting, as on erev Shabbos?

And, do we light before shkioh, or at night?



Meir Koschland

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08 Apr 2011 18:58 #1949 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Hadlokas Nerous Yom tov
There were different Minhogim in Ashkenaz. In FFAM and most places, it seems that the Minhag was usually to light the candles at night before the Seudoh. There was no Hakpodo to light before the Brocho (as on Shabbos), but there were some who did so.
In Holland the Minhag was to light before going to Shul.

Michael FRBSH

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