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10 Mar 2011 03:27 #1926 by rallisw
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Does the Chazzan make kiddush in shul on Leil Succous, or should he attempt to make kiddush in a succoh, if its close enough for the tzibbur to hear him (for example through a window)?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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11 Mar 2011 16:01 #1933 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Succous Kiddush
The Minhag is that the Chazzan says Kiddush in shul, and if there are guests who are Yotze in the Kiddush they sit in the Sukoh and hear the Kiddush.

There is a Chiddush from the Mate Efraim (unlike all Poskim before his time) that said the Kiddush should be done in the Sukoh, but the only Kehillo that is known to have followed this Minhag is Strasbourg (and also there they did so only after the war). All other Kehillos followed the old Minhag to say Kiddush in shul.

Michael FRBSH

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