Hadlokas Neiros after Birth

08 Mar 2011 04:01 #1925 by meirk
Hadlokas Neiros after Birth was created by meirk
The Mishno Beruro, in simon 263 writes that on the Shabbos after birth, the husband lights neiros shabos. Is this our custom? What is the reason to this?


Meir Koschland

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11 Mar 2011 15:57 #1931 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Hadlokas Neiros after Birth
There was a Minhag in the past that the husband lights the candles and says the Brocho and not the wife, after the birth at the time of שפיעת הדמים. The Minhag also was not to say any other Brochos and not to mention שם שמים, only to think the Brocho in the heart (We find the Kitzur Shlo, about 300 years ago, referring to this ad the way one should be Noheg). But later the Poskim said it is better that the women say all Brochos and light candles themselves.

Michael FRBSH

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