21 Feb 2011 01:43 #1911 by rallisw
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Why do we rise up on our toes for the pesukim, "Kodoush", "Boruch", and I believe it is the Maharil who says one does so as well, for "Yimlouch"?

Gutte Voch!


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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11 Mar 2011 17:24 #1936 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Kedushoh
We do so because the Malochim do so when they say Kedusho. Since Yimloch is not part of the Mal'ochim's Kedusho, there is a Machlokes if to rise then, but those who hold to rise hold so because everything we say as a Kedusho we say in the way the Mal'ochim say.

Michael FRBSH

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