Moudim D'Rabbonon

01 Feb 2011 02:32 #1901 by rallisw
Moudim D'Rabbonon was created by rallisw
Why does one bow both at the beginning of Moudim D'Rabbonon "Moudim Anachnu Loch" and for the word "Boruch" at the end?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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06 Feb 2011 14:45 #1902 by Daniel
Replied by Daniel on topic Moudim D'Rabbonon
R' Hamburger explained to me that the beginning of Modim corresponds to the regular Modim - so we bow; the "baruch" at the end corresponds to "baruch...hatov shimcha..." so we bow there also. He told me that according to some (I believe he mentioned the Gra) it is actually Baruch atah Hashem kel haodaos.


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