Shirah and masaos at shnayim mikra (and Ta'am Elyon/Tachton)

11 Jan 2011 04:26 #1885 by Melech
We know that one is supposed to use the טעם העליון is supposed to be used during the עשרת הדברות only during a public reading, when, to some extent, we reenact the event in shul. When reading the עשרת הדברות privately, (such as when reading them to fulfill the מצוה of שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום,) the טעם התחתון is used, since when learning the פסוקים one is supposed to read them with the trop that breaks them down gramatically (and musically) the normal way one would break down a פסוק. Does it then follow that the שירה and מסעות (and the ''על צבא'' phrases in פרשת בהעלתך) one should privately read them with the regular trop, since the the tune used to read them elides over much of the trop? I assume that the פסוקים traditionally read on a high key can still be read that way privately since the trop remains the same.


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14 Jan 2011 18:22 #1890 by Michael
What you mentioned about Ta'am Elyon and Tachton is the common Minhag in Ashkenaz, but also in Ashkenaz there were places that on Shavuos only Ta'am Elyon was used, (and in those places there isn't reference about how to do Shnayim Mikro).
The special Leining for the Maso'os and for the Shiro is not found in the Rishonim and the early Achronim. We find the special Leining of the Shiro mentioned in the Haflo'oh and R' Nosson Adler and on.
There isn't reference to the question how to Lein the Shiro and the Maso'os at home, most likely because the Minhag of having a special tune is not so old.

Michael FRBSH

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