Women fasting on 'minor fasts'

22 Nov 2010 01:25 #1836 by MBucher
Women fasting on 'minor fasts' was created by MBucher

I would like to know, what was the minhag about women fasting minor fasts among Yekkes?

I was told that if they had it hard they could not fast, but that the praiseworthy way was doing it, or half of it.

I know that various groups do various things (Chassidishe women often don't do any minor fast, and in Israel some dati leumi circles are very strict on women doing them all), so I would be interested in knowing!

Thank you!


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23 Nov 2010 21:23 #1837 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Women fasting on 'minor fasts'
I asked Rav Hamburger and he told me that anyone who didn't have health problems, fasted in Ashkenaz. This included women too.

I know that some Rabbonim say that nowadays people are weaker, and fasting can be dangerous for pregnant women, therefore a married woman who doesn't know for certain that she isn't pregnant, shouldn't fast the four ('minor') fasts. If a woman gets such a pesak from her Rov, it doesn't contradict minhag Ashkenaz.


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