Na-nuay HaLulov

28 Sep 2010 01:23 #1824 by rallisw
Na-nuay HaLulov was created by rallisw
What is the proper way for one to "shake" the lulov (in which directions and how does one do so)?

Is it important to begin by facing East (or facing the front of the shul if the shul does not face East)?

Does one literally shake them in all directions or does one move them forward and backward?

Does one "shake" them only for the pesukim of; "Houdu", "Yomar No", and "Ono HaShem Houshi-ono" or for "Youmru No Beis Aharoun" and "Youmru no yirei HaShem" or "Ono HaShem Hatzlicho"?

Why does one not shake while saying HaShem's name?

A Mouayd Touv


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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