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01 Sep 2010 02:00 #1817 by RSteinberger
German Purim Minhogim was created by RSteinberger
Purim is one of the five days in the year that we get up early, albeit my experience is that davening only starts five minutes earlier. This is the practice in GGBH (Munk’s) in Golders Green and 69 in Stamford Hill, both in London, UK. I’d be interested to know if anyone knows the reason for this. When I asked the Rov of 69 (R' Z Feldman) he suggested that it might be because we have so much to do on Purim; I can’t see how five minutes would make such a difference.

On the food side, well on the drinking side, Chazal have not all been so encouraging of getting very drunk. The Maharil suggests that the degree of drunkenness relates to Ad DeLo Yodah Bein Orur Homon Leboruch Mordechai and whether one can tell the difference in the Gematrio of each. Actually they are the same, and if you can’t work that out then you are drunk

Another Rishon suggests that 30 days before the Chag (i.e. Pesach) Shoalim Al Hachag. As this day falls on Purim, one needs to be sober on this day.

Be’virkas Kesivoh Vachasimoh Tovah

Richard St

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14 Dec 2010 02:10 #1849 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic German Purim Minhogim
Purim is one of the five times in which one is supposed to daven earlier, and the Mateh Moshe (סימן תתקנח) says that this is hinted in the Posuk:
וישכם אברהם בבוקר
א stands for Tisho B'Av (אב)
ב stands for בריאה which is Rosh Hashono, the day man was created.
ר stands for רבה, the big fast, which is Yom Hakippurim.
ה stands for הושענא רבה
מ stands for מגילה, the day of Purim.

Since this is an inyon of davening earlier, five minutes is enough to be mekayem this inyon.

Michael FRBSH

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14 Dec 2010 19:14 #1853 by rallisw
Replied by rallisw on topic German Purim Minhogim
I believe you left out the day after Youm Kippur, when we being davening early, in order for Soton not to say that yesterday you were in shul all day and today you're sleeping in!


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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