Shabbos Chazzon Minhogim

16 Jul 2010 00:25 #1809 by rallisw
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What changes to our usual Shabbos routine are there this Shabbos Chazoun?

Shehecheyonu on fruit?

Weekday clothing? (which pieces of clothing should be weekday clothing and which may be usual Shabbos clothing?)

Why do we change our routine if there is no aveilus on Shabbos?


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15 Dec 2010 03:42 #1855 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Shabbos Chazzon Minhogim
On Shabbos Chazzon, Minhag Frankfurt is to wear the top clothing (the jacket) of weekdays and not of Shabbos.
Some say that there is no problem of Aveilus Befarhesia on Shabbos Chazzon, since the problem in Aveilus Befarhesia is that you are causing your neighbor or friend a bad feeling on Shabbos (and he is not in Aveilus), but on Shabbos Chazzon, since everyone is in Aveilus, there is no problem.
Some say that although there is a problem of practicing Aveilus Befarhesia on Shabbos Chazzon, but wearing a weekday jacket is not Aveilus Befarhesia, since people can think that he is missing his Shabbos jacket.

Shehecheyonu - the Yosef Ometz says one should not say Shehecheyonu in the 3 weeks, but he brings from the Mateh Moshe that one may be Meikel to say Shehecheyonu on Shabbos, and he adds that he holds it is a Mitzvoh to be Meikel and to say Shehecheyonu on Shabbos, (even if Tisho B'av falls on Shabbos). But he then says that new clothes and even new shoes - the Minhag is not to put on on Shabbos, unless one has a big need for it (eg. he doesn't have appropriate clothes besides the new ones).

Michael FRBSH

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