Birchas Hashachar - standing?

05 Jul 2010 01:38 #1791 by Daniel
Birchas Hashachar - standing? was created by Daniel
What is the Minhag regarding standing during Birchas Hashachar? The Madrich says that some communities had the custom to stand. What are reasons to stand or not to and what are the sources?



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09 Jul 2010 01:15 #1799 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Birchas Hashachar - standing?
The "Meorei Or" (Talmid of the Shagas Aryeh, the Rov of Metz) writes that some stand. "Leket Hakemach Hechodosh" (a Rov in Amsterdam, formally from Hungary), writes that the Minhog is to stand when answering Omen in shul on Birkos Hashachar.

Michael FRBSH

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