Bouee V'Sholoum bowing directions

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When both the Chazzan and the tzibbur turn around for the recitation of "Bouee V'Sholoum" paragraph of L'choh Doudee, does one bow towards the door (even though it may not be on the eastern side of the shul or should one specifically face towards the east (even though that may entail facing differently then everyone else)? What about the instructions to bow for the Bouee Chaloh first toward the North and then to recite Bouee Chaloh again and turn back to the East?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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11 May 2010 01:41 #1732 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Bouee V'Sholoum bowing directions
In Boi Besholom one turns to the west (if he is in the west of Jerusalem and normally Davens towards the east. In case he is in the north of Mokom Hamikdosh, and he Davens to the south, as in Ramot, he turns to the north for Boi Besholom).
The Minhag in FFAM was to turn to the west anti clockwise (through the north), then at Boi Kalloh to bow to the south and at the second Boi Kalloh to bow to the east. See Divrei Kehillos page 61. The Minhag to turn anti clockwise at both times (before Boi Besholom and at Boi Kalloh) was the Minhag in FFAM until the last generation, (although the first bowing may have been done to the west and not to the south).

Michael FRBSH

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