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In other communities, where Shehecheyanu before megilloh is recited in the daytime as well, it is recommended that Mishloach Manos etc. not be performed until after the daytime megilloh reading, so that the intention of the Shehecheyanu will also cover those mitzvos. However, since we only say Shehecheyanu before the night reading of the megilloh and at that Shehecheyanu recitation we keep in mind the mitzvos of the Purim day, such as Mishloach Manos, would it be acceptable to give Mishloach Manos before the daytime megilloh reading?


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26 Feb 2010 18:06 #1647 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Mishloach Manos etc.
The Minhag was to give the Shalach Monos after Shacharis and Megilloh, and not before.

As a side point, the Minhag of having Kavono at Shecheyonu for the other Mitsvos of Purim, is brought by the Shlo'h, (and there is a Mashmo'us from Shut Min Hashomayim, Siman 15), and in the Mishnoh Bruroh. There is no evidence that this was practiced in Ashkenaz, and very likely this wasn't MA. We find that the Rebbi of the Rokeach, Rav Yehudoh Bar Klonimus, explains that Shehecheyonu is not said on the Seudoh because this is not specific for the Chag (Kal Vachomer from Seudas Yom Tov that does not have Shehecheyonu), only on Laining the Megilloh (and lighting Candles on Chanukoh) do we say Shehecheyonu, since this clearly indicates the Neis. (Giving Tsedoko and presents to friends is the same as the Seudoh). according to this there is no point in having Kavono.
We also don't find that one announces that there should be Kavono, although Shesiko Yofo Bishas Krias Hamegiloh Ubirchoseho is announced, therefore it seems this wasn't practiced in Ashkenaz.

Michael FRBSH

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