Shaitel vs. Tichel

13 Aug 2009 23:47 #1312 by MPerlman
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My great-grandmother, Frau Cilly Dzialowski hy"d of Leipzig wore a shaitel made from horsetail very tight on the scalp. Her grandmother, Rebbetzin Esther Carlebach o"h of Leubeck wore a tight shaitel with a little flowery "headdress" on top. Her mother, Rebbetzin Hannah Adler o"h of Leubeck wore only a tichel, as did her mother, Rebbetzin Minna Mindel Joel o"h of Leubeck. At the wedding of Rav Emmanuel Carlebach zt"l of Cologne, all the married women (in the picture) wore shaitels. And at the Bar Mitzva of Julius Carlebach, son of the banker Alexander Carlebach o"h of Leubeck, his mother and ten aunts all wore shaitels, including the wives of the six uncles who were Rabbonim.

Therefore, in MA, which was more optimal, the shaitel or the tichel (or both together)?


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12 Sep 2010 04:01 #1821 by rallisw
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What was the practice in Germany in regard to women's headcoverings?

Did Orthodox women wear sheitels or only hats?

Was the Chasam Sofer ZT"L against women wearing sheitels?

What about todays more realistic and longer hair sheitels?


Minhag Avoseinu Torah Hee!

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07 Jan 2011 17:55 - 22 Feb 2013 01:45 #1876 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic Shaitel vs. Tichel
Until the days of the Chasam Sofer the women covered their hair, but not with a sheitel. At the time of the Chasam Sofer, the minhag started to change, and women began covering the hair with a sheitel, but the Rabbonim did not like it (including the Chasam Sofer who was very much against it). By the next generation (the time of Rav Hirsch), the Rabbonim (including the Chasam Sofer's talmidim) didn't speak against sheitels any more, and Rav Hirsch even encouraged them, because otherwise women would not cover their hair at all.
See "הישיבה הרמה בפיורדא", volume II, pages 588-590.

Michael FRBSH

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21 Feb 2013 23:18 #2237 by Yisroel Strauss
Replied by Yisroel Strauss on topic Shaitel vs. Tichel
Although the previous posting correctly stated that the Chasam Sofer prohibited Scheitel, I would like to point out that RM”A O”Ch 75:2 explicitly allows them (even uncovered even if it is usually covered). He lived more than 200 years before Ch”S. (It could be had he lived in Germany rather than Poland he might have written differently, but I do not really think there was such a discrepancy in those days.)

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