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07 Jun 2009 12:40 #1060 by Daniel
shawl-like talleisim was created by Daniel
In R' Hamburger's seforim he has many pictures/paintings of different people wearing Talleisim. It is very common to see many of the people wearing the small shawl like Talleisim. Were these types of Talleisim common in Ashkenaz? Is there a Minhag to specifically wear these as opposed to the large Talleisim? (I actually have always associated them with Reform – but I guess that is incorrect).


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12 Jun 2009 15:31 #1066 by Michael
Replied by Michael on topic shawl-like talleisim
These Talleisim were not used by most Orthodox Jews, and definitely not by Rav Hirsch's Kehilloh. It is not Minhag Ashkenaz.

Michael FRBSH

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10 Jun 2015 06:59 #2574 by NMuhlgay
Replied by NMuhlgay on topic shawl-like talleisim
According to R' Jonathan Cohen of the London Sephardi Kehilla, the shawl-like tallet, made of silk, was customary for B'nei Sepharad. Below, I have attached an image showing the procession of the chazzan to the teba (almemer) with the sifrei Torah.

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