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I understand there is a minhog of most Jews where I live, for each individual at the seder, to eat an egg before the meal begins both Seder nights. Is that also brought down in Minhog Ashkenaz? When did this minhog begin?

While we are on the subject, do Bnei Ashkenaz eat a triangular piece of matzoh [broken into that shape] to commemorate the hanging of Homon on the 2nd night of Pesach?


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12 Mar 2008 03:14 - 07 Oct 2012 20:33 #140 by Michael
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The minhag of eating an egg before Seder night was very common in Ashkenaz (although not everyone did it). The reason for it is to make a Zeicher Lachurbon. אם אשכחך ירושלים

The minhag of eating a triangle Matzah is not necessarily an Ashkenaz minhag.

Michael FRBSH

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