1. New Shi'urim in KAYJ, now available via email
KAYJ's Rov, Harav Gans shlita, has established a new parshas hashovu'a shi'ur, every Friday night at 21:00, and a Halocho and musar shi'ur after mincho on Shabbos. To receive the shi'urim via email in Hebrew, please reply to this email stating "email request for KAYJ shiurim". The shi'ur of Parshas Beshalach is attached to this newsletter (Click on this link).
ניתן לקבל בדוא"ל את שיעורי הרב על פרשת השבוע. מצו"ב השיעור לפרשת בשלח.

2. KAYJ's nusach project moving ahead

In the nusach project (www.kayj.org/nusachproject.html) [www.kayj.net/nusach] there are many new features. You can now differentiate between the new and old files by their color. While the older files are in a blue color, the files that were recently put up are in a purple color. Among the new files you can find Megillas Ester (with the special melodies for Balayloh Hahoo, Gam Hineh Ho'etz, Vayislu es Homon, Umordochai Yotzo etc.) recorded live in KAYJ last year, several different melodies for Kedusha, and many other new tunes.

Lots of thanks to Menasheh Steiglitz for all the many hours he put into this project.

3. Mazal tov
To celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Reuven Schneller, son of R' Yeshayahu Schneller's, KAYJ's choir will be singing in the chuppah. In appreciation of the special contributions R' Yeshayahu has made to the shul, we have opened a new category in the nusach project called "choson", featuring the different melodies sung on Shabbos for a choson.
Mazal tov to the Bloch's on the birth of their daughter, Chaya Brocho. The Chaulkrash took place last Shabbos in their home.

4. Tseischem Lesholom
After many years R' Yosef Prager has taken an active role in KAYJ, he will be leaving Yerushalayim and moving to Kiryat Sefer. We wish him a lot of hatzlocho, tzeischem lechayim ulesholom.