1) Article in the "Mishpacha" magazine in English:

In the English edition of the "Mishpacha" magazine, there is an article about our Nusach project, and about Mr. Benno Weis's work to preserve the nusach. See pages 40-41 of "The Record Keepers" supplement in the Sukkous issue.


2) New Siddur Tefillas Yeshurun:

We are happy to inform our newslist, that a new edition of Siddur Tefillas Yeshurun is ready for print, and will be available as a set of two hard copy volumes: "Siddur Tefilas Yeshurun", and "zemiors & Brochos Yeshurun".

The Siddur was put together by Rav Hofmeister from Vienna, and is his responsibility as far as the Nusach is concerned. In general, the Nusach in the Siddur is the Nusach of the Ashkenazi Rishounim and early Achrounim, (and is not exactly the nusach used in KAYJ).

The set will retail for 36, EUROS/US-Dollars (24, plus 12) or 135, NIS (90, plus 45) (plus packaging and shipment). All pre-orders before or on ראש חודש חשון will receive a special discount price: 30 EUROS/US-Dollars (20, plus 10) or 105 NIS (70, plus 35) (plus packaging and shipment).

For orders and for other questions, please contact Rav Hofmeister at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3) Sukkos at KAYJ:

We will be very happy to welcome visitors to Jerusalem on סוכות – please join us for Davening on יום טוב or חול המועד.Shacharis on חול המועד is at 7:45 am.
Mincho is at 6:15 pm, followed by a shiur, and Ma'ariv.
On Hoshano Rabbo Shacharis is at 7:40 am. The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein).  Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here.
For a detailed timetable, please click here.


4) Mazal Tov:

Mazal tov to R' and Mrs. Meir Erlanger on the birth and the Bris of their grandson, son to R' and Mrs. Dovid Aryeh Shmueli.