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Monday, 15 November 2010 00:00

1) הכנסת ספר תורה according to the Dutch Minhag, in KAYJ

A new Seifer Torah was presented to KAYJ, in the memory of our late member, Danny Verdoner Z'L, by his family.
The Hachnoso started at Rav Ison (the sofer)'s house, where the last letters were finished, and at approximately 7:30 pm we started walking out with the sefer. Mr. L. Verdoner held the sefer and walked down the steps and out to the chupoh. Just before we got to the chupoh, the speakers started playing the "Seu Sheorim" melody of Namburg, from the recordings of Cantor Hans Blumendal and his choir of Amsterdam. Then the sefer got to the chupoh and we started walking and dancing in front of the תורה, to the accompaniment of traditional local music. Just before we got to the shul, Lewandowski's Uvenucho Yomar, recorded by the Basel choir, was played.
From then on, the hachnosso continued according to Minhogei Amsterdam:
Upon entering the shul, the congregation started singing Vayehi Binesoa (Lewandowski), and then the new sefer was put on the Almemar (bimah), and the older seforim circled the new sefer with seven hakofos.
At the first hakofo Tehillim 19 was recited in an alternating manner, posuk by posuk (first posuk the Chazzan, next posuk congregation), at the next hakofo Tehillim 29 was sung (with the melody used in hachnoso), then came Tehillim 45 posuk by posuk (as above), followed by Tehillim 67 sung as on Motzoei Shabbos, then Tehillim 84 posuk by posuk, after that Tehillim 100 sung as at English Chuppos (as per recording on our CD), and then finally Tehillim 134 was said (posuk by posuk).
After that came Yehalelu and Ledovid Mizmor (Yom Tov melody), and Uvenocho Yomar of Sultzer.
Next we Davened Arvis, and continued to Beit Haroeh for the Seudas Mitzvoh.
At the seudas mitzvoh Rav Yisroel Gans, Rav Neiman, Rav Hamburger, Rav Weissfish, Moreinu Harav and Rav Dehas spoke.
The last speaker was Mr. Eddo Verdoner, who mentioned the wish of his brother Z'L to see the building of KAYJ completed Bimheiro Beyomeinu. 

2) A new publication by Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz - in English

Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz - Minhag Ashkenaz: Sources and Roots, By Rabbi Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger - Synopsis of volumes I-IV.

Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz was founded some thirty years ago. Its main purpose has been to research, archive, preserve and disseminate the over one thousand years old magnificent heritage of Ashkenaz. Foremost in this effort has been the publication of the series “Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz“, which provides a detailed review and analysis of the origins and particulars of the German-Jewish customs and traditions. The series currently is comprised of four (4) volumes. As these volumes currently only available in Hebrew, and in order to make this work more widely accessible, the Machon recently published an English summary of these four volumes . We hope that this book will be of interest and assistance to all those who have an interest in the rich heritage of Ashkenaz.

3) Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Avrohom Rothschield on the birth of their daughter, and on the birth of their grandson.
Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Yosef Prager on the engagement of their son.
Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Chayim Shmueli on the birth of their grandson.
Mazel Tov to R' and Mrs. Michoel Kernberg on the Bar Mitzvoh of their son.


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