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Sunday, 03 August 2014 20:31

1) ט' באב davening:

We welcome visitors to Jerusalem on Tisho B'av – please join us for the Davening.

Ma'ariv is at 8:08, Shacharis is at 7:15, Mincho is at 6:45 and Ma'ariv (מוצאי צום ) is at 7:57.

The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein). Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here for a map.

For a detailed timetable, please click here.


2) Building progress:

BH the building is moving ahead! the excavation has been done, the foundations are there (south wing), and we are ready for the first floor (as seen in the pictures here), which should be done tomorrow morning IYH . We are continuing on to the walls, and we intend to have the second floor ready too by the end of the month, IYH.

For more pictures, and for weekly updated data, please see the new section in our site called "Building". For donations, please visit the "Contributions" section.


Contact Us:

Phone: +972-2-571-5824

Shul location:
73 Nof Ramot

Mailing address:
P.O.B. 23288
Jerusalem 91231