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Building Dedications Print E-mail
Friday, 02 March 2012 07:00

Ashkenaz Heritage Museum dedicated by Prof. Gerald Friedman Z'l and Mrs. Sue Friedman לאוי"ט.

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Donors to the Shul Building—Life Members of KAYJ Print E-mail
Friday, 02 March 2012 07:34

Prof. Gerald Friedman Z'l and Mrs. Sue Friedman לאוי"ט

R' and Mrs. Boruch Baus
Mrs. Els Bendheim
R' and Mrs. Eli Yisroel Bloch
R' and Mrs. Kalman Bookman
R' and Mrs. Sholom Yehudah Brunschwig
Buitenveldert Synagogue, Ashkenazi Congregation of Amsterdam Leilui Nishmas Daniel Verdoner Z'l 

R' and Mrs. Yehudah Dinkel

R' and Mrs. Moshe Yitzchok Feivelman
R' and Mrs. Moshe Tzvi Halevi Fleischmann
R' and Mrs. Yitzchok Gavriel Freund
R' and Mrs. Michael Friedman
R. and Mrs. Michael Fulda

Moreh Moreinu Harav Yehudah Gans שליט"א and his wife
R' and Mrs. Elisha Mordechai Gudman

R' and Mrs. Binyomin Shlomo Hamburger
R' and Mrs. Boruch Heinemann
R' and Mrs. Yehudah Hoffman

Moreinu Harav Don Ison and his wife

Mr. And Mrs. Eliezer Jeselsohn

R' and Mrs. Aryeh Kahn
R' and Mrs. Shmuel Kaplan
R' and Mrs. Michoel Boruch Kernberg

R' and Mrs. Eliyahu Lewin
R' and Mrs. Shoul Yechezkel Lupolianski
R' and Mrs. Uri Lupolianski
R' and Mrs. Yakov Lupolianski

R' and Mrs. Dovid Pakter
R' and Mrs. Mordechai Perlman

R' and Mrs. Kalman Rosen
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Judy Rosen
R' and Mrs. Moshe Yehuda Rosenwasser
R' and Mrs. Avrohom Rothschield
R' and Mrs. Daniel Rozenga

R' and Mrs. Shlomo Yitzchok (Robert) Schleimer
R' and Mrs. Yakov Ruven Schleimer
R' and Mrs. Shmuel Halevi Schneller
R' and Mrs. Shoul Nesanel Halevi Schneller
R' and Mrs. Reuven Gedalya Halevi Schneller
R' and Mrs. Yeshayahu Halevi Schneller
Mrs. Eva Scholle
R' and Mrs. Dovid Shapira
Hechover and Mrs. Chaim Shmueli
R' and Mrs. David Schwab
R' and Mrs. Avrohom Hillel Sinason
R' and Mrs. Menasheh Steiglitz

R' and Mrs. Avrohom Unna

R' Daniel Verdoner Z'l 
Mr. and Mrs. Louan Verdoner Leilui Nishmas Daniel Verdoner Z'l 

R' and Mrs. Alexander Weil
R' Binyomin Weil
Dr. and Mrs. Yitzchok Wirtzburger

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