Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to contribute for one of the following dedications:

Synagogue Building $1,000,000
Main Sanctuary $360,000
Ashkenaz Heritage Museum DEDICATED
Social Hall $200,000
Ark $125,000
Beis Midrash $100,000
Scholars’ Research Library (Plaque, and name stamped in each book) $100,000
Main Doorway $100,000
Rabbi’s Study $72,000
Bimah $72,000
Bimah Dais $50,000
Door to Sanctuary DEDICATED
Foyer-Entrance Hall $50,000
Choir Chamber $50,000
Menorah $36,000
Yomim Noroim Poroches $30,000
Yom Tov Poroches $26,000
Arba Parshiyos Poroches $26,000
Shabbos Poroches $26,000
Weekday Paroches $26,000
Ner Tomid $26,000
Almemar (Lectern) $26,000
Kitchenette $20,000
Laver $18,000
Stained Glass Windows $18,000
Wimpel Closet $15,000
Elijah’s Chair $10,000
Parsha and Prayer Reminder Board $8,000
Cloak Room $8,000
Mezzuzah x 5 $5,000
Builder (Your name on silver Etz Chaim leaf) $1,800
Benefactor (Your name on silver Etz Chaim leaf) $1,000
Patron (Receives choice of gifts) $360
Chai Friend $180
Friend of KAYJ $100

Contributions will also be acknowledged in the Dedications section of this web site.