When to start putting on tefillin pre-bar mitzvoh ?

08 Jul 2008 13:24 #433 by Litvak
What is minhag Ashkenaz re a bochur putting on tefillin before his bar mitzvoh ?

Someone told me that he heard said that it is to put them on three months before the bar mitzvoh.

Is that correct ? If so, what is the reason for that time period?


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09 Jul 2008 02:04 #434 by golusyekke
The yekkishe minhag is three months before - i seem to remember that it had something to do with a year with 2 adars and the chiyuv of a child born in adar ---and then we pasken lo plug for the others...


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11 Jul 2008 19:34 #444 by Michael
Rav Hamburger told me that there are different Minhogim regarding the time of Hanochas Tefillin, some do 3 months some 2 and some 1 month. It depends also on how mature the boy is.

Thanks to Golusyekke on the interesting explanation of Lou Plug, I believe that would explain why to do 3 months even of we would hold that Ikar Hadin is only two months.

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