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K’hal Adas Yeshurun—Jerusalem, founded in 2000 by Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz, is a thriving kehilla involved in the preservation of the Western Ashkenaz Minhag (FFAM). Led by Moreh Moreinu HaRav Yehuda Gans שליט"א, who was appointed in the fall of 2007, KAYJ is the spiritual center of our members who are united to preserve the treasures of our living mesorah. KAYJ is also active on the international scene through our Ashkenaz Forum and Nusach Project which have inspired numerous Jews worldwide to interconnect on their rich German-Jewish heritage.

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Friday, 27 March 2015 06:21

1) New Minhag Ashkenaz Minyan in Sanhedria Murchevet:

After a long time of getting arranged, a new Minhag Ashkenaz minyan has begun in Sanhedria Murchevet. Last week, Parshas Vayikro (החודש) was the first time the minyan got together. Approx. 45 adults and boys came for the Friday night Davening. Between קבלת שבת and ערבית R' Moshe Hamburger spoke, about the importance of continuing the מסורת אשכנז.

Beneath are a few words from R' Rafael Bachrach:

A new Minhag Ashkenaz minyan has begun for the month of Nisson! Visitors and Residents of Ramat Eshkol, Sanhedria, Sanhedria Murchevet, Maalot Dafna, Arzei Habira, and Givat Moshe and beyond are invited. The minyan is located in Rabbi Stefansky's yeshiva in the Beis Hatalmud building in Sanhedria Murchevet (once inside the building, turn left and go up the stairs). Davening for now is only on Friday nights.

The location is temporary and has only been given for the month of Nisson. If anyone knows a location that can be used after Nisson, please contact us.

We are seeking baalei tefilloh for Friday nights, and even more so for Yom Tov. For all other questions and davening times, please call 052-718-2170 or 052-769-9100 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2) Pesach And Chol Hamo'ed times:

We will be very happy to welcome visitors on Pesach – please join us for Davening on יום טוב or חול המועד.

Shacharis on חול המועד is at 7:50 AM, Mincho is at 6:45 PM, followed by a shiur, and Ma'ariv.

The location is 73 Nof Ramot (Wallenstein). Please call 052-761-1890 for directions, or click here.


Baut Gut!


3) Mazal Tov:

Mazal Tov to Moreinu Harav and Rebetzin Gans on the wedding of their son Boruch.

Mazal Tov to Moreinu Rav Don Ison and his wife on the wedding of their son Yissochor.

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Meir Erlanger on the engagement of their son Uri.

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Eliyahu Levin on the wedding of their daughter.

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Yitzchok Sinason on the wedding of their daughter.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 00:00

We would like to thank an anonymous donor who recently made a significant contribution as a partial sponsorship of this web site!

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Sunday, 28 September 2014 21:05

1) The first stage of the building is finished:

We are very happy to inform our friends and supporters, that we have finished building the structure for the first stage of the KAYJ בית אשכנז (see picture attached). You can see the building progress, and the artist rendering of the completed shul at the "building" section of the site.

We would like to thank everyone who donated towards the first stage of the building, and we are looking forward to continue with the second stage as soon as funding is available.

All donations to KAYJ are tax deductible in the USA and in Israel, and can be done via the site ( or by check.

We request all of our friends and supporters to heed the call and help uplift this house of Hashem! (Dedication opportunities are available in our site).


2) Bar Mitzvah, Rav Hamburger and Prof. Friedman:

On שבת שופטים, Rav Hamburger came to KAYJ, to celebrate the bar mitzvah of Dan Friedman, son of R' and Mrs. Michael Friedman. The choir sung at night and in the morning, the bar mitzvah boy read the פרשה, and his 9 year old brother read the הפטרה.

Rav Hamburger spoke about his feelings regarding the building of the shul and the bar mitzvah. The summary of his speech is as follows:

We have just seen the beginning of the building of the beautiful shul which will be standing in the heights of Jerusalem. This shul was very important for the bar mitzvah boy's great-grandfather, Prof. Friedman, and there is no question that if he would be here with us, and hear the way his great-grandson, Dan, read the פרשה, and the way his little brother, Elazar, read the הפטרה, he would be full of happiness and pride.

Who would believe, that within the holy city of Jerusalem, the old Jewish-German traditions and melodies would be revived!

It is no secret, that the deep love R' Michael Friedman has to the Ashkenaz melodies, came from his grandfather, Prof. Friedman.

Prof. Friedman cared so much about the shul and was excited that his grandson was building a shul in his family's tradition. I cannot forget the happiness he had when he bent down to cast the foundations! (see picture below).

The shul is located in one of the highest places in Jerusalem, and will be seen from far away. We all hope to see the shul built in the close future, בורא עולם בקנין השלם זה הבנין.


3) Davening on צום גדליה:

We will be very happy to welcome visitors to Jerusalem today צום גדליה– please join us for the Davening.

מנחה is at 5:45 and מעריב is at 6:52. (מוצאי צום in Jerusalem is at 6:55).


4) Mazal Tov:

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Eliyahu Lewin on the wedding of their daughter.

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Michael Friedman on the bar mitzvah of their son.

Mazal Tov to R' and Mrs. Shmuel Kaplan on the birth of their granddaughter.


שנה טובה, וחתימה טובה!


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Welcome to our new web site.

We expect additional sections of the site to be added periodically.  Please visit again soon.

Nusach Project Last Update: 9 Iyar 5774

Sections Added or Completed:

20 Tamuz 5774: Building
25 Cheshvan 5774: Shiurim


Contact Us:

Phone: +972-2-571-5824

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73 Nof Ramot

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